Dyna-Glow Propane Heater

 With cooler weather coming on I realize I am in need of some good portable heat . 

 I have a small home studio that is located in a room I added to my 14 foot by 16 foot workshop . The workshop is where I spend some peaceful time working on small repairs such as polishing my guitars , re-stringing and maybe some light electronic work . 

  The home studio is where I practice and also where I write and record the music that I license under creative commons for commercial use .  This is the music I give away here on LGDAVIS.COM to anyone who wants to download it and use it in their projects .

  It’s usually about this time in October that I have to turn on the 25000 BTU kerosene heater that I heat the shop with . Since these are two adjoining rooms and the kerosene heater is in the front in my shop , the home studio in the back room takes a while to warm up enough to be comfortable .

   However this year I have found a solution that will let me enjoy my studio more as cold weather sets in . It is a 7500 to 10000 btu portable propane heater  made by Dyna-Glo . I bought this little heater at Lowe’s Home Improvement and I am liking it more every time I use it and since I am using it to knock the chill off of the room the small 1 pound tank is lasting longer than I had thought it would . 

   I decided yesterday to go buy a carbon monoxide detector just to be on the safe side. The box says safe for indoor use but I’m a safety nut so I went and found one at Wal-mart that runs on 2 aaa batteries. It cost just under $15 and was just what I needed . So now I am set up for the colder days ahead and look forward to making music in my little studio this winter . You may want to consider a Dyna-Glo propane heater if you have a space that you need to heat . 

   I made a video about this heater on one of my YouTube channels . It is my Larry Davis channel . Here is the link :  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4LjkEsSEyBw&t=7s  or you can watch it below . The video is one of my longer ones as it is about 10 minutes. I am not as polished as most YouTubers . I am thinking on the fly here and trying to be honest . 

Thanks for taking a look .

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